Sound Republik True Wireless Earbuds review

Sound Republik True Wireless Earbuds
4. Sound Republik True Wireless Earbuds

Welcome to the best and cheapest earphones that cost only $15 that sound better than $249 Apple AirPods. Unfortunately not exactly a bold statement as it is common knowledge that the AirPods sound quality is poor for such expensive earphones.

Welcome to the Sound republic True Wireless Earbuds review. I am not going to spend the entire review blasting Apple for ripping us off because that is what this review is going to sound like. Unfortunately the Airpods are the benchmark for my reviews due to popularity rather than being any good.

Sound quality of the Sound Republik ear buds are better than the Airpods 2 no question. Bass notes are good pretty well defined midrange quality on definition is the highlight and tight low frequencies. The equalization is arguably the same as the Airpods but with improved sound quality. However they do have a small but noticeable audio lag when watching video. Regardless there is just nice overall sound profile that doesn’t irritate.  They do not have have that extra Hi-Fi clarity but overall excellent for $15.

The controls are physical so you have to actually press them for a response including adjusting volume control. They also do not turn off when you take them out of your ears which is the best feature. Simplicity and logical  design. That is because when ever I have to adjust the AirPods I end up pausing or doing something to them. The Sound Repbulik Bluetooth pairing is simple and works as soon as they are out of the changing case and with phone or device nearby.

The earbuds have flashing blue and red lights which is a bit fancy. The case is not the smallest but it is additionally fancy with multiple battery indicator lights – pretty cool to look at while charging. Speaking of power, the earbuds probably last at least 3 hours as I left them running out of my ears. In that regard they are comfortable and are quite secure in your ears so once positioned they don’t fall out.

The conclusion is at the Sound Republic True Wireless Earbuds are a bargain you can still buy for $15 at you local Reject Shop in Australia. They are probably rebranded else where in the world. They are not Hi-Fi quality but they are better than the Airpods.

Summary relative to Apple Airpods 2
Build Quality: Same if not better than Airpods 2.
Battery life Estimated 3 hours.
Sound Quality: Better than Airpods 2.
Notes: Surprising sound quality.