Honda CRF50F

Honda CRF50F

The most popular motorcycle in Australia in 2017 was the Honda CRF50F. According to the FACI 2361 Honda CRF50F were sold during the year and that’s a lot of motorcycles in the crowded category of at least 7000 units, for the Australian market.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the most popular motorcycle model in Australia is the Honda CRF50F, interestingly you can’t ride it legally on on the road and it for the kids. The top 3 selling motorbike models are indeed arch rivals. So it’s not a surprise that  Honda have released the Honda Monkey and the Honda GROM which are logical model upgrades to the CRF50F for younger and those not wanting the scooter class experience.

In terms of design the CRF50F has not changed much in the 15 or so years it has been on sale. It looks good but like most in the class a little old but derivative of it’s larger CRF series family which is a good thing.

In terms of engine and technology the Honda CRF50F has the tech spec of USD forks and ‘3 gears’ with an automatic clutch for a more realistic ride as you still have to change gears and a 4 stroke engine.  All of it is pretty old tech but has the reliability history to match. How much power the CRF50F engine makes open but it is probably in the 2Kw region and in line with the rest of the class.

In the end the Honda CRF50F is another safe choice in the mini-bike class and is the most popular motorcycle in Australia as a single model. There is competition in this class and they are pretty much designed in the same vein. They are all fun little bikes for anyone if you can fit. The difference between the different brands is largely down to branding, size and colour scheme rather than any technical advantage or feature.

Honda CRF50F Key Specifications
Engine: 1 cylinder 2V SOHC (Carbs)
Capacity: 49cc
Power/Torque: 2 Kw @xxxxRPM 3 Nm @ xxxxRPM
Gearbox: 3 speed auto
Kerb Weight: 50 Kg Approx
Performance: 0-100kph NA seconds Approx
Max Speed NA Kph Approx
Fuel Economy: 2.6 litre fuel tank
Approx 2 litres per km
Seat height: 548 mm
Dimensions: L1302 x W581 x H774
Recommended Retail Price: Est. $ 2,099 (2019)