Transformers The Last Knight – Sqweeks

Vespa PX125

Another motorcycle from the Transformers The Last Knight movie is the Piaggio Vespa. Yes, I’m calling it a motorcycle although technically it is a scooter. It does after all have an engine and two wheels.

The movie you can catch it in is the 2017 Transformers : The Last Knight film. The Vespa stars as an Autobot transformer  called Sqweeks.

The actual Vespa model Sqweeks is based on is probably the PX125 or PX150 due to the round rear view mirrors. However due to various design features and that he has two head lights as eyes, a bicycle style seat as a back covering indicate the it could be any model with a single saddle seat from the 60+ year old model.

Transformers The Last Knight – Mohwak

Confederate P51 Combat Fighter

Motorcycles have appeared in movies for ages and the latest movie motorcycle is the Confederate P51 Combat Fighter. This motorcycle is inspired and named after the real North American P-51 Mustang combat fighter from World War 2 although you’d have to have decent imagination to see any similarity.

The Confederate P51 Combat Fighter features in the 2017 Transformers : The Last Knight movie staring as a Decepticon Transformer called Mohawk.

Back to real life, I’ve seen Confederate motorcycles at various motor shows and admired them for their attention to detail and design, transforming normal motorcycle parts and expensive materials into something that can be described as beautiful. (See my Instagram posts for more.) Confederate motorcycles are high customised and they make them in very low numbers. That is the point of a Confederate, it is not about pace around a race circuit, it’s top speed or engine power output it is all about the exclusivity, craftsmanship, customisation and construction. That said the P51’s top speed is around 160mph, according to their press which is plenty.

The Confederate P51 Combat Fighter is priced approximately $125,000USD  depending on specification could be much more, based on Internet searches. Well worth the money if you want something completely different to the mass market and HD dominated custom market.

I honestly think the Confederate P51 it is the best custom motorcycle you can buy at the moment.