Roadstone N Blue Eco Tyre review

Roadstone N’Blue Eco tyres

Welcome to 2018 and I have a genuinely useful review to start off the year. Welcome to the review of Roadstone N’Blue   185 – 60- 15 tyre review. Since no-one has done a proper review yet this is the first and I expect this review to be copied and repeated elsewhere without context and acknowledgment.

The Roadstone brand appears to have been made up as the company history is a little obscured. They state they are from South Korea and have factories in China as well but based on their tyre models identical tyre names and numbers they are a subsidiary of Nexen, another budget tyre manufacturer? Or perhaps a joint venture with a Chinese company?

The Roadstone N-Blue Eco is the tyre model is promoted to those interested in fuel economy. Being a second hand car this is what I got with the Yaris. The N-Blue model is designed for low rolling resistance so you can throttle off and the car will not lose as much speed as a performance tyre. The N-Blue is broadly described as an Eco Tyre meaning that they are hard compound rubber/composite  blend and sidewalls.

Roadstone N-Blue ride quality: The ride quality of the N-Blue tyre is best described sporty, at worst hard. Unless your car has advanced suspension these tyres will make your car ride more firmly. Sure the Yaris does’t have plush suspension but it is usually settled. The N Blue’s Low speed road ride is firm but acceptable and higher speeds are good. Overall though the Roadstone’s ride quality is not a particularly settled unless on a really smooth road or higher speeds.

Roadstone N-Blue road noise level: The noise levels of the N-Blue tyres is best described as acceptable on city and suburban roads. Noise levels generated on country Australian roads are best described as very loud.

Roadstone N-Blue handling: Suburban speeds approx 60kph max. When conditions are dry and under 30 Celsius these tyres are Ok. The grip quite well and you can hear them gripping but will squeal easily especially at roundabouts when cornering as normal speeds. I presume due to their low friction rubber the rear can be made to passive steer a little when exiting a round about – easily which is nice if you know what your doing. When temperatures are hot they are more vocal. Driving in an underground car park with any painted or smooth surface will squeal a lot. However despite the squealing they actually grip quite well.

One highways and freeways approx 100kph in dry and under 30 degrees the Roadstone N-Blue is best described as good. The have sufficient grip but they feel like they balloon out and lose road feel. It is not confidence inspiring in hot conditions. In wet conditions the N-Blue tyres do not feel as grippy as normal tyres that said they are acceptable. Pools of water are best avoided to prevent aquaplaning which is noticeable since the Yaris is a light weight.

Roadstone N-Blue tyre wear rate: I can confidently report that the N-Blue will do at least 40,000kms if you maintain them every so often. Note that they are directional so the thread is not the same and the tyre needs to be installed a certain way.

Roadstone N-Blue tyre price: Tyre prices are sensitive as the market is saturated with all sorts of brands and tyres. I have found that the price of the N-Blue can range from $70 to $150 for the same tyre. Roadstone competes on price so broadly speaking when you get a price you will find that the better known brands can be purchased for a little more. The Roadstone tyres will always be cheaper than the better known brands so shop around.

Roadstone N-Blue tyre review conclusion: I haven’t mentioned that the rolling resistance feature on the N-Blue tyres are it’s best feature and very good. Throttle off and the car will roll for a much longer distance than than normal tyres. Your fuel saving will be dependent on your driving style so if you use the low rolling resistance feature to your advantage you will save on fuel.

Are the Roadstone N-Blue worth buying? Yes if you want just acceptable and reasonably cheap tyres. However there are better tyres that although cost a little more are arguably worth it. This review does not extend to the rest of the Roadstone tyre range just this particular N-Blue model. Since I have had the Yaris a for a little while they have been replaced by Bridgestone EP100 tyres and that review is coming up soon.