2014 Learner and commuter motorcycle releases

A quite a number of new and possibly significant motorcycle releases being made ready for 2014. For this post I’ve complied some of the models that I like from the new releases in the commuter and the learner motorcycle class – which roughly equates to 125cc to 650cc engine capacity that will be made for 2014. The explanation for such the wide capacity range is that many manufacturers release lower powered but relatively high torque engines to comply with Australian and European motorcycle laws. As a result this class has become value for money and not lacking in real world performance.

In terms of commuter motorcycles these models in the 125cc – 650cc range are relatively fuel efficient and priced, to run and insure, easy and fun to ride and park anywhere without attracting the wrong kind of attention. Their relative thin profile makes them very traffic filtering friendly.


2014 Honda CBR300R
A new release for Honda to compete with the Kawasaki ZX300 Ninja. Unfortunately not as good looking..


2014 KTM 125RC
The sports bike version of the regular 125 Duke which is one of the best looking 125cc motorcycle around.  The RC version looks great but a not out of the ordinary. Probably the best looking 125cc motorcycle at the moment.


2014 KTM200RC
The sports bike version of the regular 200 Duke which is the same as the 125cc version which is a great looking little motorcycle and the easily the best looking in the under 250cc class. Like the 125cc version the 200RC is definitely the best looking under 250cc motorcycle at the moment.


2014 KTM390RC
Yet another sports bike version of the regular KTM this time a 390 Duke based on the same  good looking design but with the bigger engine. Like the 200cc version this is the best looking sports motorcycle in the class.