2015 Honda CBR250R

2015 Honda CBR250R

The updated 2015 Honda CBR250R has been released in Indonesia and on sale now in 2014. It’s always puzzled me why they call models released in the current year using the next year!? The explanation is simple: 2015 models are prepared for release in the current year 2014. It’s a marketing thing too I guess. The most noticeable change has been to the fairing which means it looks exactly the same as the forth coming Honda CBR300R!  That’s not particularly surprising.

The CBR205R is one of the best and most popular learner and commuter motorcycles on the planet for the last decade or two so it is always big news when this particular model gets and update. (Well the ‘CBR250’ badge)  Although the 250cc version meets the requirements in many Asian countries as a reasonably high end motorcycle it is regarded a learner and commuter in just as many others.

The CBR250R’s updated styling is more sports tourer than sports-ish Ninja 300. I say that because the only real sports bike styled learner/commuter is the forth coming Yamaha R25!

I examined the updated CBR250R specs and did not find many mechanical changes apart from those related to the fairing. The claimed engine power output is slightly higher but that may be just be regional differences and measurement techniques. Just remember that the single cylinder engine means more response in the usable rev band around town especially rather than higher up. (I know that every learner has trouble with keeping revs relatively high in 4 and 2 cylinder engines)

Release date in Australia is not known yet but you can be sure that pricing will be the same or possibly cheaper due to the planned release of the CBR300R.  The CBR300R is the same bike with a little more capacity so I can only guess that they might co-exist while there is demand or will it be a replacement? Yes the Kawasaki Ninja 300 replaced the 250 but lets face it the Ninja 250 was underdone. Furthermore Yamaha will be releasing their sporty R25 soon hence more choices. Personally I’d look at the KTM’s from something a little different and great looking motorcycles at the same time.

Honda CBR250R Key Specifications
Engine:   IL1 cylinder 4-stroke 4 valve DOHC (EFI)
Capacity:  249.5cc
Power/Torque:  20Kw @ 8,500 RPM 23Nm @ 7000 RPM (Japan)
Gearbox:   6 speed
Kerb Weight:  161Kg or 165Kg with Combined ABS
Performance:  0-100kph 8 seconds Approx
Max Speed 140Kph Approx 
Fuel Economy:   13 litre fuel tank
Approx 4 litres per 100km
Seat height:  784mm
Dimensions:  L2030 x W720 x H1127 x WB1369
 Recommended Retail Price:   $5490 or $5990 with ABS