Blast from the past – Motorcycle Pictures 12 – Suzuki Hayabusa

Blast from the past – reposting old stuff but … Once again I can only approximate that these pictures where originally posted during 2007.  Only the internet archive site could possible give a more precise date – this update: 19.12.2021: These Suzuki Hayabusa pictures where sent in to me to post on the site – before Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook etc.. and the world was nicer place – nostalgia folks. That is how old this website is. I have posted them back here, admittedly where they belong! 

Set 1 : Greg D from Canada has sent in the great pic of his Hayabusa.  Now most of you want to know why I gave it the POTM.  Simple really – for Hayabusa aficionados they’ll spot it straight away – that it’s a Canada only scheme – and I always give the POTM to the first one sent in!  Second reason for this choice if you look closely is the light reflections!  It’s not easy getting pics that have those things without obscuring details. – January 2007

Set 2 : Ivan D M of the No Limit Racing NC Motorcycle Club in Charlotte sent in a pic of his 1370cc bore Hayabusa with 300hp. It really shows that subtle mods can really make your bike stand out from the crowd. – January 2007.

Set 3 : Mick K form the UK sent these pictures back in 2003!  This is a 1400cc Nitrous Oxide (NOS) enhanced version. Love the color scheme – excellent bike and very fast! – Reposted February 2007

Set 4 : S. I. Johannessen from Norway sent these back in 2005!  Is a fully equipped Hayabusa with GIVI ‘Keyless’ side panniers and top box. – Reposted February 2007

Set 5 : S Maslin sent in this picture back in 2005!   Excellent custom graphics – Reposted February 2007

Set 6 : Luis for Hawaii sent in this great pics of his extended swing arm Hayabusa.  Good job – I’m waiting to see the new version that’s currently underway!

Set 7 : Will sent in some great pics back in 2003 but has clearly updated his bike!  Check it out now – new color and graphics and most of all it got air height adjustable suspension! This is the first I’ve seen and hence the winner of POTM March 2007! Check out the suspension video here! – March 2007.

Set 8 : Turner from the US sent some excellent pics of his bike!  The detail on this bike is a standout – really nice mods like the chrome stand without all the usual shout factor – overall made say very nice bike! even considered it for the monthly award – March 2007.

Set 9 : T Torsen from Norway sent in an excellent pic of his bike!  It’s a turbo-charged Busa with mc-express kit pumping out about 350bhp!  I love the seat. – March 2007

Set 10 : Andre for South Africa sent in these great pics from his Easter ride.  You may wonder why I chose him? Well, not only is his bike modded but the scenery is fantastic.  See the one with the waterfall? there’s no guard rail guys! (It’s a very deep gorge)  Just imagine being there.  I might put up a few more later!  So its the POTM for April 2007
Modifications to his bike so far include:
1429cc wit Yoshi cams & flowed head. (230HP At Rear Wheels)
Full Acropvic titanium system
Full rear Ohlins & Ohlins front internals
PFM front brakes
Translogic power up & down button shifter with gear indicator & auto shift select