LAMS – Learn Approved Motorcycle Scheme Information Summary

LAMS allows learner riders to ride motorcycles that have engines larger than 250cc – legally. It is essentially a list of all sorts of motorcycles old and new for leaner riders to choose from. Remember though – don’t choose based how large the engine is – choose what suits you taking into account looks, comfort, intended use – on or off road, and so forth.

I’ve made these pages for people I introduce to motorcycling it is not for everyone! Regardless YOU MUST check with your local State or territory Transport and Roads Department for the correct ad up to date information regarding the LAMS laws. DO NOT ask me for advise or more information.

These links where current at the time so make sure you check the various sites for the correct information before making any decision.

Victoria LAMS
New South Wales LAMS
Tasmania LAMS
South Australian LAMS
Queensland LAMS (not legal until after 1 July 2009 – supposedly)
Australian Capital Territory LAMS
Northern Territory LAMS
Western Australia LAMS Another WA website
(Western Australia Government clearly regards ease of finding information secondary to all else. Once found the information is very good.)

Applicable motorcycles have to meet the approved list which is calculated using a simple formula of power to weight ratio. (At the time I wrote this page.)

(Engine power in KW / Dry weight + 90Kg) x 1000 = Kw per tonne.

Motorcycles that meet this criteria must be under 660cc and have a ratio of 150Kw or less per tonne.

Many larger capacity motorcycles still generate more than the LAMS formula so many models are fitted with performance limiters or restrictions. The method used by manufacturers vary so if you do decide on a restricted LAMS model make sure you check how easy and how much it would cost to remove the power limiter.

So while 250cc are now not the automatic choice they still offer, when purchased new the best resale and support since they are very popular. However they have made it clear that two stroke 250cc are banned!

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