News from Honda – July 2013

Sometimes there are ads that just get your attention and it doesn’t contain any sort of block buster movie style action sequences. This Honda video doesn’t sell any particular product just the brand. The only thing missing seems to be their F1 (Formula 1) involvement from the 1980’s which is a pity. 

Aside from the new ad (for US dwellers and visitors to my site) there’s the 2013 Honda sponsored Maroon 5 tour in which they are giving away a custom Honda Civic Si and the Honda CBR250R. Check out their main website for the dates and competition details although I think its been a sell out.

“The goal of the custom Civic and motocycle was to capture the Maroon 5 iconography that expresses both the band’s essence and live experience and channel it into a custom design,” said frontman Adam Levine.

Personally I think the design on the Honda Civic particular is very good. Well that’s enough Honda stuff for the next few weeks!