Suzuki Intruder 250LC Review

The Suzuki Intruder 250LC otherwise known as the VL250 is one of the few cruisers still for sale in this class or motorcycle.  It’s arch enemy is the Yamaha Virago now renamed the V-Star the once very popular 250cc cruiser. Older learner motorcycle folks and women riders used to buy the Virago by default – and by empirical evidence – I’ve never met or seen a youthful bloke ride either entry level cruiser. By association this is presumably the same market for the Suzuki Intruder 250LC. 

I have not seen the 250LC in my latest travels or the Virago on the road so I don’t think they are very popular these days. The reasons are simple really, unless you’re a fan of the cruiser class there is a lot of chrome and bright work to keep clean, it’s also not the fastest 250cc but it does look and sound like a proper cruiser at lower revs. 

In terms of engine specifications the Intruder 250LC is relatively old tech but it is deliberately designed to look that way. In other specifications there’s nothing of note to mention either after all, the look and ride of the motorcycle is all that really matters is cruiser class?

I think the Suzuki Intruder 250LC is a great choice but only if you want the cruiser experience. 

Suzuki Intruder 250LC Key Specifications
Engine:   V2 cylinder 4-stroke 3 valve SOHC (EFI)
Capacity:  248cc
Power/Torque:  15Kw @ 8,500 RPM 23Nm @ 7000 RPM 
Gearbox:   5 speed
Kerb Weight:  153kg
Performance:  0-100kph 11 seconds Approx
Max Speed 120Kph Approx 
Fuel Economy:   12 litre fuel tank
Approx 4 litres per 100km
Seat height:  685mm
Dimensions: L2240 X W880 X H1110
 Recommended Retail Price:   $6990 (2012)