The Cheapest True Wireless Earphones group review and comparison

Wireless earphone/headphone reviews
Wireless earphone/headphone reviews

I was shopping for a set of wireless headphones / earphones a little while ago due to working from home arrangements caused by the various lockdowns. These headphones / earphones are great for any sort of teleconference or video conference software you are using. I have used them for Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, Webex, Skype and all work really well.

However choosing one is not easy as there are hundreds of models to choose from.  They all have varying prices, some models are really cheap. I bought a few of them and some where given from friends who had upgraded theirs, all current models you can still buy at the time of this post.

In relation to earphone and headphone reviews (especially by self proclaimed professionals justified by being popular) the assumption is that everyone’s hearing is the same and that the reviewer’s hearing is perfect. The fact is that everyone’s hearing is different and no-one is perfect that’s why they have machines that can measure frequencies and sound engineers. These differences are due to genetics, age and environmental factors that anyone is exposed to that causes hearing damage. When any reviewer mentions anything about needing to turn having to turn max volume is an admission of the level of hearing damage. None of these headphones and earphones I am reviewing and comparing even required volume turned to 50% to be loud enough. The final big factor I would like to point out that if you haven’t heard what a real live band sounds like how can you judge?

The only way to truly review or judge the quality of an earphone or headphone is to have a known benchmark model to compare the review unit with. The benchmark earphones isn’t the best sounding, best built or having the most functionality – it is the most popular model. In the following reviews and comparisons the winner is the balance of these factors against the benchmark or most popular earphones / headphones. The benchmark earphones in these and future reviews are the Apple AirPods2 and the headphones are the Sennheiser HD300 via an adaptor.

The test music player I used was a iPhone 7 and the test music tracks I used for all the reviews is: Africa by Toto, I will Go Remember by Toto, My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer and Save the best for last by Vanessa Williams. These are clearly not some obscure music tracks no one has heard off. More to the point most people have heard them and as a bonus I have heard them live as opposed a recording (except for Vanessa Williams and Axel F for obvious reasons). These are not the technically the ‘best’ recorded songs and they are electronic copies so they already lack that something special you can only feel in a live.

Judging which has has the best functionality is easy but the best sound quality is ultimately down to personal preference, your level of hearing ability and world experience. However it is also clear which earphone / headphones have rubbish sound quality or functionality and which one better than the others.