Once you’ve decided where you’re going, how long the next thing you’ll probably do is how to find the cheapest airfare. Finding the cheapest airfare is a good start but as you know I prefer to look for value for money airfares. Read the reason why here! It is 2016 and the last time I looked and there where number of airline booking apps for your phone, tablet or on the internet that you can search.

Also remember that my advice is conditional and based on a 2 week or shorter holiday and where your destination is over 8 hour flight time! So wasted time is not something you need. If you are going on holidays for a longer holiday where limited time is not a problem than by all means choose the cheapest flight.

Of course you can also speak to your local travel agent and give them your requirements and they can often get you a package deal that is competitive to what the various apps and websites can offer – if you want to do the comparison your self. Personally I just work out the flight times I prefer myself and then see if the travel agent can do better if they I go with them obviously. Bearing in mind it has to be for the same flights taking into account connections overall travel time – see the other post on value for money plane tickets.

The 3 apps best apps for booking your flights and for airfare prices for iPhone, iPad and Android phones or tablets are the following:


After using these Apps or websites you don’t have to buy it off them instead you can go to the airline itself and compare their prices too. Booking via the official airline website means that if you have and frequent flyer points you can also redeem some of the cost of your airfare to make them ‘cheap airfares’. The benefit of these site though is that you can also book accommodation with them which is very convenient.

Check out my screen shots again below on a random flight I picked:
The cheapest airfare to LA is $1484 but the flight time is 29.5 hours vs the next cheapest airfares of $1780 the flight time is 18.5 hours the conclusion is simple, my holiday time is reduced by buying the cheapest airfare as I’m literally wasting time in transit or on the plane. So in this example prefer the 2nd option and the more expensive flight. That said that flight departs at 6.10am in the morning so I would need to be at the airport to do the check in by at least 4am in the morning so I will need to be at the airport very early in the morning say leaving home at 2am in the morning! As a result I would probably pick the later flight at 8.10 am so that it’s not so hard on the body. Further more the bonus of the 3rd option means that the flight time is a mere 16.5 hours!

Bearing in mind that in LA many hotel have late check in, on popular hotel was 4pm! so a later arriving flight may be the better option!

Conclusion the cheapest airfares may not be the cheapest.


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