fujiWelcome to my recommendation on which is the best international weather app to get before going on holidays, part of my continuing series on how to get the best value for money on your next holiday. Weather information when travelling is very useful for planning your trip and essential that you at least install one before travelling.

For example if going from LA to New York you can see if there is a chance that your flight will be delayed due to bad weather or thunder storms common at certain times of the year. Also checking the weather forecast will certainly effect what you decide to pack and things that you plan to do!

There are plenty of Weather Apps available free and paid but only a few have been accurate enough for me to consider. As a result there are only three that I can completely recommend. All are free and 2 ad supported supported which is perfectly acceptable at least the ads are interesting and not intrusive. All require data downloads but with plenty of free Wi-Fi hotspots around in 2016 sand beyond you should be able to get updates every so often.

Yahoo Weather is arguably better weather app as is better looking or presented and available on all types of smartphones and tablets. The contently is all one one page that you stroll down. Weather data includes 7 day forecast, hourly temperature guide and climate maps for multiple locations in the same country of internationally. One of the most interesting features is the use of User generated background images from the location that you are currently in or looking at. There are also little moving graphs and raining, thunder or sunning or night backgrounds when appropriate. It is pretty to look at and works well on Android and iPhones and iPads.

Wunderstation is the second App I use when travelling as it is very detailed current and forecasted weather App. It has all the current weather details and forecast as per official sources and local sources. You can actually pick with the location of a specific weather station you want to view and see every important measurements, beyond temperature like rainfall, past forward wind at that location and so forth at that particular spot temperature for 10 days . This is the free version but the company makes other Ad supported versions you can get but this one appeared restricted to the Apple iPad only which is a pity but understandable.

Microsoft Weather is often my third go to weather App when travelling. I guess that I only found it because I’m running Windows 10 but have it installed on the phone along with everything else. While it looks great on Windows not so as a weather App, certainly not as nice as Yahoo or Wunderstation but it is on par with every other App out there.

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