Following an accident with the floor a dog and coffee I am now looking for another computer. Yes a little bit annoyed but accidents do happen, besides its more stuff to write about. More so when if you have noticed working on categorising the web site’s content more broadly. So for the time being I’m using the Microsoft Surface Pro which is positively ancient in tech terms but will works perfectly! The Surface Pro is great little tablet and spare ‘PC’, pity the new models are a little on the pricey side in 2016.

As always I check out what Apple has to offer and find that nothing has changed in since 2014 except even higher prices. Disappointed that’s for sure but there are plenty of people still paying a premium for dated technology and design! That said the main change has been to equip them with SSD drives which are clearly faster and cover for the very old CPU and GPUs. There is no reason to pay 3 times more for a Apple Mac than for a Windows based PC unless you have more money than common sense. That’s PR for you.

On the other hand I checked out so many new Windows based PCs and clearly it’s going to take some time to work out which is the best one to get!

In regards to the sales pitches…

Plastic vs metal computers. Metal feels great but Apple metal looks old and almost always have static when you touch it. There’s plastic and there’s plastic, Sony plastic for example is usually better than Acer or any number of HP computers. Admittedly only the really cheap computers use the nasty stuff these days.

The big plus for Apple is that system updates are free for the time being. Mind you if you’re running Windows 10 updates are also free. Apple doesn’t make touch screen computers as that would mean updating their OS and that is too expensive.

I want my computer to have a touch screen it makes using them easier. I’m old I don’t want to test my motor skills pointing a mouse. I really don’t care about finger prints on the screen as when it gets smudged enough I will clean it.

I like a nice screen and Apple has lovely screens on their MacBooks and iMac desktops. Windows notebooks can be just as good but you really need to buy a better screen which is fair enough.

I want a fast computer that doesn’t cost more than my holiday budget to purchase. I am not fooled by the SSD on the Apple’s to make them seem faster despite using old tech CPUs, I’ve seen and used PCs and notebooks running Windows 10 that are just as fast if not faster using a mere regular spinning hard drive. Furthermore my life needs more space than 100Gig or even a 512 Gig drive Apple can only offer. I want the minimum of 1Terabyte hard drive so I can have everything!

More to come…


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