Based on past surveys most motorcycle riders also drive a car. I’m sure everyone is well aware of how bad and even more annoying car drivers are – at least in parts of the world where car is the main form of transport. The following that the ones that come to mind as I write this update.

I think the most annoying drivers are the ones who think they are going at the speed limit in the overtaking lane whilst every other car in the other lanes are overtaking them. Then when there is a construction zone with real people working and with a posted speed limit they completely ignore it. They are idiots.

Then there is ‘baby on board’ signs – which to me means that the driver is distracted which is equivalent to being drunk, drug affected or on the phone that is – completely selfish. They think they can run over anyone and cause traffic jams because they have one of these things. Get rid them you stupid people.

Then of course there are the tail-gaters. There are different types of course but the most dangerous are the ones who do it for no reason – while I do understand the frustration especially caused by previously mentioned drivers – know that there is something called ‘road karma’ – and it will eventually get you!

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