Affordable yet special motorcycles in 2018

Since the loss of my DN01 and other adventures I am once again looking for a new ride. Yes, the desire to get a new motorcycle comes and goes dependent on circumstance – like most people. So I went through the model lists and decided that the following models are my picks for the best motorcycles you can buy in 2018. I will post the models I’ve selected in their own posts with much more detailed reasoning over the next few weeks for you to enjoy.

Over the decades as a motorcycle riders we’ve been through may motorcycle trends. For example the sports V-Twin trend in the 90’s due to the advantage it had in racing competitions of Ducati’s Vs the mainly 4 cylinder Japanese in non MotoGP races. However the most noticeable was the competition to build the fastest motorcycle in the world the Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki ZX10R and the Honda Blackbird. This of course the original reason for me to create the website in the first place.

Motorcycle trends are linked to a lot of factors beyond the traditional factors image and performance. The world has turned and the children of the 50’s and 60’s generally aspired to and bought Harley’s, British brands or Honda Goldwings or the fastest motorcycle they could buy. The child of the 70’s bought Japanese sport bikes, cruisers, adventure bikes and Ducati’s, the children of the 80’s are all about the past and sport bikes and adventure motorcycles especially cafe racers, Ducati’s and the BMW GS1200. The children of the 90s where all about the 600cc race replicas and 1000cc super bikes and 2000’s well I have no idea just like most manufacturers.

To not only satisfy the desire to define what will be the my next motorcycle and perhaps find the next trend, I decided to find the most affordable motorcycles with something special about in 2018.

The List: Affordable and special motorcycles.

Harley Davidson Street 500

Vespa GTS 300

Suzuki DR650

Royal Enfield Classic

Ducati Scrambler