Harley Davidson Street 500

Yamaha MT-07 LA

Yamaha WR450F

Suzuki DR-400E

Although it’s nearly the end of 2017, many Australian learner riders will be looking or getting ready to look for a new or used motorcycle to being their journey. In this part of the world it is the start of summer and usually the driest time of the year for most parts of the country so great time to ride. Furthermore details of new and updated 2018 motorcycles have just been released hence a great time for buying run-out models.

There are plenty of choices for learner motorcycle riders due to the removal of the of 250cc 4-stroke engine capacity restriction and adopting the LAMS. The meaning of the Australian version of LAMS is short for Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme which basically means learner motorcycle riders can ride any motorcycle as long as it’s on the list. The approved motorcycles on the list are mostly determined buy a formula that essentially calculates it’s power to weight ratio and not engine capacity.

The result of LAMS is that there are many more motorcycles that can be purchased by learner riders. This increases competition, reduces prices and makes more people happy. Since these are usually well priced besides being entry level motorcycles they make perfect choices as a daily commuter.

I usually cover road motorcycles as they are my personal preference but there are other classes of motorcycle you can consider. So for those searching for what is the best learner motorcycle to buy?  I’m listing 4 additional models you can buy. I’ll post my reviews for these motorcycles over the next few weeks and they include the Harley Davidson Street 500Suzuki DR-400E, Yamaha WR450F and the Yamaha MT-07 LA.

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