2021 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R

3rd Generation Suzuki Hayabusa

The 3rd Generation Suzuki Hayabusa (2021) has been given a bunch of new technology for it’s engine, transmission and traction control. You may think ‘oh – every car or motorcycle’ already has all that – which is true but the Hayabusa’s is class leading and this generation is noticeably smarter and more comprehensive than most other motorcycles. In some ways the announcement could be called PR or marketing but there is actual substance rather than just fluff. So here are some of the new features and smartness.

SIRS – Suzuki Intelligent Ride Management System. The SIRS acronym/branding is what Suzuki is calling their latest tech package for the 3rd Gen Suzuki Hayabusa. It is essentially a set of sensors, controllers and CPUs that allow you to control certain performance settings on the new Hayabusa. This system is the latest generation and extension of the unidentified electronic systems used on this and other Suzuki motorcycles.

The SIRS on the Suzuki Hayabusa controls different characteristics of the engine, transmission and braking aka the ECU or Computer for the bike. The data for SIRS is received from a Bosch Inertial Management Unit or IMU which is a bunch of gyros and accelerometers that work out in 3 dimensions the position of the bike relative to the ground and how fast you’re going.

SDMS Alpha (SDMS- α) is the first module that allows you select engine power delivery. There are 3 factory settings in this version and you can create 3 of your own power profiles. Fancy  – yes. Personally I did not use the limited version on the 2nd Gen Hayabusa.

The next system is the Anti-lift controller. There are 10 levels of control where 0 = freedom to 10 = no lift. I have ridden an unhindered Hayabusa for 20 years and even without this system lifting has never been a real problem on the road anyway. However the system is also part of the launch control system so if you are into full throttle starts this is will be a bonus for you.

Launch control system is for track days or just hoon riders on the road.  It has 3 settings: 1 = rev to 4000rpm, 2= 6000rpm and 3= 8000rpm before dumping the clutch for stall-less and spirited acceleration from stand still.

The next system is the Motion Track Traction Control System. You again have 10 levels of control 1 = minimal control and 10 = full Nanny mode. Again I’ve ridden an unhindered Hayabusa for 20 years and this would help me ride faster. The new model has different power delivery characteristics so clearly a cautionary addition . The system essentially cuts engine power when traction on the wheels are lost. If you like to challenge yourself on rides than it is nice to know that there is a layer of ‘opps’ control.  Suzuki are quite clear that it doesn’t prevent stupidity or inexperience.

The Suzuki Hayabusa finally has a new braking system with Brembo Stylema® front brakes with Combined braking and Motion Track ABS . The Gen 1 and 2 where good but they are wooden and need more input than you’d expected on one of the fastest motorcycles in the world in 2021. In the new 3rd Gen Hayabusa – use the brake pedal for both wheels or the lever for just the front. BTW it’s something Honda pioneered decades ago. The Motion Track ABS is great for those who – for some reason needs to brake hard mid corner. This system tries to prevent you from locking up, tank slapping and generally crashing – even on hills apparently. That said Suzuki also clearly states it doesn’t apply to all real world situations or rider stupidity but in a nicer way.

At risk of sounding the tired Apple product release stage show – there’s more.

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