The average price of petrol I paid during December 2015 averaged $1.16 per litre for 91 Octane unleaded add 10-11 cents for 95 Octane and usually 15-20 cents for 98 Octane. For the first two weeks of December the price per litre was under $1.09 and thanks to the law of averages it appears to be Ok but on the 22nd December prices spiked to $1.33 per litre which was a .20 cent increase. Due to consistently historical low oil prices due to oversupply its under $38 USD per barrel, so simply put the petrol companies in Australia are ripping you off.

Everyone accepts that there should be some profit in selling petrol but when there is no regulation or laws, rip off pricing or to put in media speak – price gouging occurs. Sure some may say let the market decide! but I say fools,  petrol is an essential item in Australia in case you haven’t noticed. Inflated prices petrol pump prices when the world’s crude price is so low can be described as rip off.

Diesel was priced around the $1.23 per litre the last time I looked.

Note that fuel prices vary according to area and the level of competition and a whole heap of other factors like shopping discounts and so forth, however unreasonable high prices at this time of the year is greed.

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