Sennheiser Momentum Free Review

Sennheiser Momentum Free
3. Sennheiser Momentum Free

Welcome to my really cheap wireless earphones / true wireless earphones reviews series. The Sennheiser Momentum Free are not cheap at RRP but they do go on special and that’s when I got them.

The Sennheiser Momentum Free is essentially the top range wireless earphones from the company. These where purchased as they were on sale after the lockdown. They are clearly not true wireless as there is cord between the two ear buds. I don’t mind having a cord as it is harder to lose them if you need to take them out.

In terms of construction the Momentum Free are very good if not the best out there. They have a control module and a battery module to balance out the design. The wires between them are multi-colored along with the earbud them selves. The earbuds are metal and plastic,  feel cool and solid but don’t actually weigh that much. They also come with a nice zipped carrying case. When not is use you can put the buds together for the fancy chain.

In terms of use they work just as well as the Airpods. Once paired via bluetooth they connect automatically once turned on. I did not encounter any connection problems. The control panel is easy to use and don’t feel too much like a toy. Battery life is amazing at about 6 hours and as you don’t need to carry a separate charging case to top up every few hours.

The Sennheiser Momentum Free earphones are usually priced as a top end wireless earphone at a very reasonable price (but only when on sale) so you’d expect very good sound quality. And in terms of sound quality it delivers. The Momentum Free earphones sound clear and detailed, it’s quality is many levels above the Airpods. The sound quality is that so good that you can easily tell whether the music file was encoded at the best levels or otherwise. They are not perfect though as they need be to positioned correctly in your ears and they don’t have a deep bass. Regardless they make the Airpods sound like a pillow covered speakers.

Battery life Estimated 6 hours.
Sound Quality compared to Apple Airpods: Better is every way.
Notes: Sound Quality is dependent on in ear seal.

Sennheiser Momentum Free Earbuds/Earphones
Voice prompt
MicroUSB charging
Lithium Ion battery
3 button inline remote
Not water resistant