It’s the same metaphor from last week!

After much searching and reading smartphone reviews over the last few weeks I created short list of smartphones to buy. However out of all the reviews and comparisons none of them where balanced enough to convince me to buy a certain phone and many produced by ‘fanboys’ and ‘fangirls’. It was clear that there are many opinions on which is the best smartphone to buy in 2017.

I find some of the reviewers in particular on Youtube that claim to be unbiased are really not due to the body language are OMG moments that I replayed just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. Some of the videos and articles are really quite incorrect that I wondered why they would bother to write or record it in the first place. For example one reviewer damning a particular smartwatch because it did not has GPS software – since I know it does they lost any sort of creditability. Perhaps that is where the term ‘fake news’ comes from – I simply call them poorly researched opinions. Nonetheless while I enjoyed reading and watching many reviews, some where pointless but there where others  very good. That said pictures and videos are nice but you really need to hold it in your hands to make a proper decision.

Not all the phones had the features I was looking for, however because they where either on a reasonable phone plan or could be purchased outright/unlocked smartphone hence shortlisted.  After all simply ticking off the features I wanted is too easy and a little boring. The image on the post is a metaphor, a barely filled closet with only a few things you actually want to wear.

So the shortlist of worthy or the best smartphones in 2017 to buy or at least research are as follows:

iPhone 7
iPhone 6
LG V20
Motorola G5 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S8
Nokia 6
Blackberry KEYone
Sony XZ

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