This is a metaphor – an empty closet.

The following are my thoughts as I go through the process of choosing a new phone. It’s probably more complicated than what is should be…

I don’t want to be locked into a phone network unless I have to, yet alone a phone manufacturer services ecosystem. Anyone who get caught in a phone brand’s ecosystem really need to get their head checked. It’s a trap! curbing your choice, limiting new ideas and development of  new or better services. I want a platform that is open to new applications and ideas.

Since I will probably have the phone within arms reach 24 hours a day, what I would like is a phone that has a large screen and good image quality, feels good to hold, long battery life and it has to look great. I do not want to look at the phone and think I wasted my money. While I regard outward appearances highly, functionality is also very important.  The most important features that I want in a smartphone is not unusual, features like wireless charging and quick charging, power efficiency, quick performance, manual controls or override.  Getting a top of the range phone is not a essential criteria but value for money. I also considered getting a regular mobile phone, getting back to basics you see…

The Smartphone Vs Regular mobile phone debate is well an truly won by the smartphone. Unless you only want to do calls and text messages the regular mobile phone is the best choice but in 2017 that’s just not the ideal anymore. All smartphones allow us to do more daily tasks that previously took longer to do and not possible with a regular phone. However smartphones have one significant drawback and that is the loss of privacy. Not sure if the trade off for functionality is worth it at this point.

My new phone must be able to do the following features. Access internet websites, social networks, messaging apps, imaging apps, navigation, shopping sites, emails, video or movies and music, banking and payments are the normal functionality for a smartphone and our daily lives. I want to do all those things less the social networks, simply not in it.  Summarized, smartphones entertain us and keep us relatively safe, a tireless personal assistant. They have truly become personal computers!

The type of phone you have does represent your personality and values. It is no longer the case that your phone represents your financial standing as they are all accessible via mostly affordable phone network phone plans. They have become the electronic ‘white goods’ we carry around, just like a fridge or microwave except slightly more portable..

Next post on the topic will be the actual list of smartphones I put on my shortlist.

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