Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R Dyno charts – page 3

THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in dyno charts whether used here or not for taking to the time to scan and send ! You have made the world a better place.

Why get a you bike dyno’ed? It simply confirms that you indeed have one of the most power bikes on the planet and or your modifications have improved the engine’ performance. The dyno machine is basically a set of rollers that you ride your bike on and the computers do the measuring. Quite simple and just nice to know.

Almost forgot to mention that measuring the engines performance by a dyno is usually done via a ‘at the rear wheel’ measurement rather than at the ‘crank’ or ‘crank shaft’ measurement – for obvious reasons.


Steinar Hegge from Norway sent in the following charts:
172 bhp with Yoshimura 4-1, KN filter and Powercommander
The other graph is of the same bike without PC
Graph 1 is the mods without the Powercommander unit
Graph 2 is with the mods and Powercommander unit.


These charts have been generously provided by Gaetan M This shows the difference between the standard bike and one fitted with a Yoshi Fully stainless exhaust system !



These charts have been generously provided by Bjorn Deildok from Norway. It’s purportedly produces 685bhp Hayabusa. Eeek!