Yamaha MT-03 Preview

2014 Yahama MT-03

I found another leaner and commuter friendly motorcycle for you to consider! This one is the Yamaha MT-03 and it’s the smallest of the MT series – to date. Ok the MT-03 has been around for a little while overseas but in Australia its a 2014 release – I only noticed that a LAMS version (restricted) is now available.

You’d think that the MT-03 is 300cc but you’d be wrong. It’s a 660cc single cylinder – based on existing engines in the Yamaha range. I don’t think that the style truly reflects past or present MT series models like the MT-01 or the latest MT-09 but it does look as good in tis own right as the other MT’s.

A full power MT-03 would be great commuter motorcycle as its got that ‘urban SUV’ style about it. After all its got the clearance of a trail bike and user friendliness of a torquey city bike. The reverse angle shock is a nice design touch which looks  great in real life.

The recommended retail price for the Yamaha MT-03 in Australia is $9,990 which makes it competitive with every single commuter and high end learner motorcycles currently on sale. Admittedly for a mere $11,990 you can go for the MT-09 too which is very good buying although it’s not LAMS compatible. Deals can be bargained for at the right time of the year so take your pick.

Yamaha MT-03 Key Specifications
Engine:   Single cylinder 4-stroke EFI
Capacity:  660cc
Approx Power/Torque:  34Kw @ 6,000 RPM
58Nm @ 5,250 RPM
Gearbox:   5 speed
Weight:  175 kg (Dry) Approx 190Kg Wet 
Performance:  0-100kph N/A seconds Approx
Max Speed N/A Kph Approx 
Fuel Economy:   15 litre fuel tank
Seat height:  805 mm
Dimensions: L2070 X W860 X H1115mm WB1420mm 
 Recommended Retail Price:  $9,990 AUD (2014)