This week’s post is on Harley first attempt at making an electric motorcycle. (Although I’m late again with the news)

Last week Harley Davidson released a rideable prototype electric motorcycle called Project Livewire.  To quote the press release: “While not for sale, Project LiveWire is specifically designed for the purpose of getting insight into rider expectations of an electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle.”

The Project Livewire electric motorcycle is different from the others I’ve seen in that it actually looks good in the sense that it is now overly big or has too many awkward lines. (Zero are you paying attention!?) However most of all it actually makes a pretty cool noise – like every Harley.  There are plenty of videos on Youtube you can check out and listen to.

While Project Livewire does not sound like the traditional and trademarked Harley Davidson sound this one sounds like the effects from any number of sci-fi movies you can recall!  It will be interesting how it progresses as the existing electric bikes are quite expensive. It is interesting to note how no other current manufacturer has equipped their electric vehicles with this type of noise!

Harley-Davidson Motor Company Side View

Harley-Davidson Motor Company Right View

Harley-Davidson Motor Company Left View

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