Best selling Scooters in Australia 2019

A typical Scooter
A typical Scooter

So what are the best selling or most popular scooters sold in Australia? Based on data published by FCAI here is the list of the best selling scooters/motorcycles in Australia for 2019:

I like scooters based on their looks, price for performance ratio, build and reliability, cheap to run and maintain. They are the often disrespected modern work horses of our cities and suburbs. Scooters  carry our takeaway food, or grocery orders, urgent courier packages and commuters for those who live at a distance a little too far to walk, too short to drive and for those can’t be bothered with a bicycle.

Since the world is currently in a state of flux I think that cheap and efficient types of personal transport will come back into favor as many reassess their budgets and desire a little social isolation. That said it could go the other too and the roads are blocked with oversized vans and SUVs!

  1. Honda NSC 110 Vision/Dio
  2. Suzuki Address
  3. Vespa GTS300
  4. Honda MW110 Benly
  5. Piaggio Fly 150
  6. Honda WW150 / PCX150
  7. Yamaha GPD150A
  8. Vespa Primavera 150
  9. Yamaha XMAX300
  10. Piaggo Medley 150