Choosing and buying a motorcycle helmet is one of the first things you should, whether or not you have to – depending on which country you are reading this from. Not all helmets are made the same and not all will fit you regardless of the size rating! Some brands definitely fit better than others and of course dependent on the shape of your head and neck. You should always try the helmet out first before buying and preferably buy in person not online for other safety reasons. 

I’ve never written any motorcycle helmet reviews before so this is something new. 

After quite a number of years with a Shoei helmet I happened to be wondering around the local motorcycle store and ended in the midst of a sale and decided to investigate further. To be completely honest I saw the Shark and liked the design. The helmet was called the Shark S900-C and what attracted me to the design was:

1 – the standard ‘nose breath divert’ thing for anti-fog
2 – built in dark visor that is retractable
3 – the design and various colour schemes
4 – raised lettering

I really wanted a white and gold version but they didn’t have the size.  

The Shark S900 fits me well but there are a few things that you know about the construction:

1 – it meets the current safety standard for helmets so that great.
2 – it is reasonably light weight and made of plastic of some sort.
3 – the interior lining is quite plush.

Problems with the S900 may only relate to me… Regardless of being a 95% fit it is quite a noisy helmet. I would not use it on a long distance ride without ear plugs. It is also hard to tell which air vents or open or closed.

Note: I’ve owned a number of brands over the years. Nolan, Shoei, Arai, and Shark have been the main models I’ve chosen. My personal bias is Shoei because they have always fitted by head the best. However this time I chose my first ever Shark helmet. I’ve known the Shark brand since the days of Carl Fogarty but you may not! The Shark brand is not well known outside Europe and not regarded as a premium brand. It’s racing models also appear on the Superbike race scene…

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