Bridgestone Ecopia EP100

Welcome to the review of Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 size 185 – 60- 15 tyre review. Since I haven’t read a decent review on these tyres here it is! I bought these during the Bridgestone 4 tyres for the price of 3 offer at Costco although other tyre places may offer the same deal. Price for 4 tyres, balanced and fitted was under $400 AUD which is a pretty good price at the time.

The Bridgestone EP100 like my prior tyre choice is for those interested in fuel economy. I think that’s a more marketing friendly name for a cheap tyre model, which the Ep100 isn’t when not on a special pricing deal.  That said I did buy them on price and that they have been superseded by the EP300 model.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 ride quality: The ride quality of the Ep100 is best described as good or as expected. With harder compound tyres you expect a bumpy ride but this tyre provess otherwise, especially compared to the Roadstone N’Blue review previously.  Ride quality at all speeds is pretty much acceptable, which I am happy with.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 noise level: The noise levels of the Ep100 is best described as acceptable on city and suburban roads. Noise levels generated on country Australian roads are best described as loud. They are better than the Roadstone N’Blue tyres which was expected.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 handling: At suburban speeds the Ep100 handling is pretty good. They felt the same regardless of hot or wet conditions and most of all they resist squealing. Yes they will scrub if you corner to aggressively and you can hear it but they won’t squeal most of the time is good. The rolling resistance if the best part of the EP100. Throttle off and the car will coast, not losing any speed for reasonable a distance which is great in traffic. That said these are not sports tyres so should not be compared against them, these are normal tyres for a normal car for commuting and definitely no complains, besides a Yaris is not a sports car.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 tyre wear rate: I can confidently report that the Ecopia EP100 tyres will do at least 40,000kms if you maintain them every so often.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 tyre price: The price for these the EP100 varies significantly and note that they have been replaced by the EP300 series. Based on historical quotes their retail price is around $150 each and often cheaper if purchased more than 1 or 2 at a time or when there are special deals.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 tyre review conclusion: The EP100 are very good and affordable tyres. They handle and ride well despite being ‘Eco’ tyres. The EP100’s grip consistently in dry, wet, hot or cold conditions . Sure they aren’t really quiet tyres but at least they don’t squeal often and they are better than cheaper ones like the prior Roadstone N’Blue.  Finally the disclaimer that this is the review for the specific model which I bought and your experience may vary.

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