Cheapest True Wireless Earphones group review and comparison conclusion

Cheap wireless headphones and earphones reviews
Wireless earphones and headphones

The main conclusion to my series on Cheap wireless headphone reviews and comparisons is that I need to work on how to write up technology based articles! So before I get back to more important work on the 3rd generation Suzuki Hayabusa I present the conclusion to the reviews and comparisons.

I guess what I learned and what you need to know is that many reviews on the internet by self proclaimed ‘professions’ can’t trusted but at the same time these actually improve a product that they are making disparaging remarks against the product being reviewed. They are not bloggers but pros apparently.  They truly don’t set the bar or trend on what is the best merely what their non-sponsor says.

So the real conclusion to the actual ‘cheap wireless headphone/headphone review and comparisons’ are as follows:

2. Lazer Wireless Sports earphones: Cheap and works but only in emergencies.
1. Apple Airpods2: Rip off price with only passable sound quality no usability advantage with latest mere bluetooth earphones.
4. Sound Republik True Wireless earbuds: Cheap and works really well. Beats Apple Airpods for price and equal else where.
3. Sennheiser Momentum Free Wireless earphones are very good sounding earbuds that is hard beat when on sale. They beat Airpods on every front and looks cooler too.
4. Sennheiser CX400BT True wireless earphones have amazing sound quality and functionality in 2021. If you value that over anything in the ‘true wireless’ format these are the one to buy – for now.