It’s all about the stats

I’ve already covered the most popular motorbikes in Australia  but may also be wondering what are the most popular new first motorcycle, learner motorbike or LAMS and perhaps low cost new motorcycle (other than 2nd hand).

According to the FACI the 10 most popular LAMS or learner motorcycles 2017 were the following models:


  1. Honda NBC110
  2. Yamaha WR450F
  3. Harley Davidson XG500
  4. Honda GROM
  5. Yamaha MT-07L
  6. Kawasaki Ninja 300
  7. Honda CBR500R
  8. Yamaha YZ-R3A
  9. Honda CRF250L
  10. Suzuki DR-Z400E

In 2018 the top selling motorbikes in the LAMS or learner motorbikes this category were:

  1. Yamaha WR450F
  2. Honda CB125E
  3. Kawasaki Ninja 400
  4. KTM 300 EXC
  5. Yamaha MT-07L
  6. Harley Davidson XG500
  7. Suzuki DR-Z400E
  8. KTM 500EXC
  9. Honda CMX500
  10. Honda CRF250L

The list of the most popular motorcycles in the LAMS category or the learner motorbike class has changed significantly from 10 years ago and probably will continue to change. Last decade or two was the age of the grey import Honda CBR250RR, Kawasaki ZZR250 or Ninja 250 and Yamaha Virago 250 all legacy models and before to the introduction of LAMS. You won’t see too many about these days (2019) which is pity because they are arguably the some of the toughest motorbikes around. The difference between 2017 and 2018 individual motorcycle models is

Thankfully we now have choices in the first new motorcycle class and that’s a good thing because the market was classed by engine capacity specifically 250cc and just those models in those days and they where relatively expensive due to the lack of choice. Over the next fews weeks I’ll be reviewing all of the missing and new ones with sales and specifications.

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